Andrew Lampard is a documentary director, cinematographer and journalist. 
His reel and some of his most recent published documentary work are featured
at the bottom of his home page.

Andrew began his career by moving to Kosovo to co-direct and shoot a feature-length
documentary. That film ultimately received the grant for emerging artists from the
Canada Council for the Arts, and was an official entry in several European film festivals.

Andrew’s work has been published by the New York Times, ABC News, Reuters,
CBS News, Fusion, Al Jazeera English and the Columbia Journalism Review.
In 2015, he was chosen by the New York Times to join their “Selects” filmmaking
team and direct sponsored content for their digital site.

Andrew has a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and History from Queen’s University
and a Master’s degree in Digital Media from Columbia University’s Graduate School
of Journalism. He lives in Manhattan.